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"Velma Cook helped me drop my resistance to prosperity and embrace the power and abundance within. I highly recommend Velma to work with you in your journey."

Larissa, Queensland

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The Slave Within

Are we enslaved by the modern world? Have we, in the process of freeing ourselves, inadvertently oppressed ourselves? You might be surprised and ask how? How have we oppressed and enslaved ourselves? Good question! It's a question that should have been asked long ago.

Chariots for Children

Nizma Scoffield was born in Java Indonesia, and has been living in the UK for over 36 years. She began her work with Indonesian orphans through the organization she founded in 2002, called Indonesian Children’s Relief (ICR). Carrying on the work of ICR, Scoffield began Chariots for Children which is now a registered charity in the UK.